Your Money and Integrity Is Safe with SMMQUICK’s Refund Policy

Who wouldn’t agree to the fact that we live in a digital world and hence our social lives also exist in the cryptic tones of the cyber world? Yes, we are dependent on the social media and with time it is assuming quite a huge place in our survival starter kit. How can a day pass without passing some gossips on Facebook or throwing a political rant on twitter and above all how can a day pass without updating your Instagram story to keep the curiosity aroused with the number of views on it? This is the world we live in and we certainly love it as well. Having a strong social media profile is a thing that everybody covets and helplessly yearns to possess. No matter how strongly you deny it not having a good number of likes on your Facebook profile picture breaks the heart. The situation grows even more pensive when it’s about your business. offers services which can fill the kinks and crevices of your unsteady digital social life by transforming it.

Our Tailor Made Services:

Not that just our services have the potential of astounding you but also the terms and conditions we follow are exalted as well. The terms and conditions such as privacy policy and refund policy are tailored in alignment with what our customer seeks from us. There are many competent service providers, but they mostly have harsh refund policies due to which the customers recede placing trust on them. Under our roof customers enjoys the highest pedestal due to which we have rigorously designed our refund policy.

Our Impeccable Refund Policy:

Our refund policy is highly adaptable and works in accordance with the situation a customer faces. There are two broad modules upon which our refund policy is based first one is a 100% refund policy which activates only when we are unable to deliver the services. This policy remains activated for the first 15 days after the placement of order. In case of any unfortunate event, the customers get reimbursed without getting inflicted to any prolonged difficult procedures.

The other feature of the refund policy is the 100% retention policy which stays activated for a period of 6 months starting right after the placement of order. This feature gets activated when the service is delivered. This service is a counterpart of 100% refund policy in the case when the service is properly delivered. The fluctuation in the likes and follows on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stay balanced under this feature of our refund policy. It is the normal trend that people follow and then due to some uncertain reasons they follow or unlike a certain page or profile, we take it upon our self to maintain and restore the number of followers and likes for the first six months. The number of followers and likes never falls beneath a promised number when you are using our services. This retention refund policy does not apply to the $5 package, to enjoy this feature you will have to be a bearer of some prerequisites which are explained further on our website. There is one condition where our refund policy becomes redundant, which is the case in which third-party termination is involved, because acquiring artificial likes and followers may counter the terms and conditions of some social media platforms, despite this, there has never been any such case registered in our dignified work history.

Customer Service at Its Best:

Apart from these two modules which come under our refund policy, we have highly skilled individuals who are eager to help customers in the situations where they seek utilization of our refund policy. Once you are on board with you can never be disappointed, because we do not leave your work until you are fully satisfied with us.