Order Completion:

The progress on the status of orders starts immediately after the placement of orders. The delivery of the services pertaining to any of the three-social media networks take a maximum of 24-48 hours in which the technical processing is dully included. In the condition where our services get obstructed or in case of delays we have certain other policies to cover up for that. Our order placement domain and order delivery domain stay highly functional and all the placement and delivery of orders have smooth execution throughout.

Unabated Privacy Policy:

The privacy policy under the roof of smmquick is practiced rigorously. Customer’s security is a factor that enjoys foremost importance under our culture. We are meticulously aware of the security concerns of our customers and how a little breach in the content can be mortal for a social media profile. In the first place, we do not ask for an extraordinary information, the thing we only require is the username and we make sure that the negligible amount of our client’s valuable information we grow privy of, stays sequestered.

Our services cover the 3 top social media platforms namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Developing a sound understanding of each of the above mentioned social media platforms security and privacy policies is an integral part of our values. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have different terms and conditions and we make sure to give to the unflinching and steady service in each domain.

Refund Policy:

Smmquick.com goes a step further in mastering the art of pleasing customers. We offer a refund policy which is applicable under certain specified conditions. First of all, we have a 100% refund policy which activates only when we are unable to deliver the services. This policy remains activated for the first 15 days after the placement of order. In case of any unfortunate event, the customers get reimbursed without getting inflicted on any prolonged difficult procedures.

The other feature of the refund policy is the 100% retention policy which stays activated for a period of 6 months starting right after the placement of order. This feature gets activated when the service is delivered. This service is a counterpart of 100% refund policy in the case when the service is properly delivered. The fluctuation in the likes and follows on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter stay balanced under this feature of our refund policy. It is the normal trend that people follow and then due to some uncertain reasons they unfollow or unlike a certain page or profile, we take it upon our self to maintain and restore the number of followers and likes for the first six months. The number of followers and likes never falls beneath a promised limit when you are using our services. This retention policy does not apply to the $5 package, to enjoy this feature the customer will have to be a bearer of some prerequisites which are explained further on our website.

Account Termination of Third Party:

Acquiring feigned likes and followers in some cases violate the terms and conditions of several social media platforms. When you order our services to agree to utilize Buy More Fan services. Under certain circumstances, your account can get terminated or blocked for which we do not take any responsibility, before the placement of orders the customers agree to our TOS in which this clause is proficiently explained and it exists there. We do not offer any refund and reimbursements under such conditions.   The 3 apps we offer services for i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram receive updates frequently in which the privacy policies get redefined. In case of any violation your account and the activities it upholds may cease or abort. Although no such case has been reported, cautioning the customers is our duty.