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How To Buy YouTube Views The Legit Way And Rise To Stardom

youtube-realCreating your YouTube channel is pretty straightforward, but running it successfully over time is actually the harder part. You have to beat the competition to get enough viewership and meet certain milestones to start making money. To reach those milestones, however, you can buy YouTube views and ensure that you not get greater exposure but also achieve your marketing goals too if you’re an entrepreneur.

If you have already started your journey towards being successful on YouTube, you must have come across various options to buy YouTube views cheap. But are they really worth it? Well, you have to be cautious because if you go down the wrong alley, you might even end up getting your channel suspended for illegitimate activity.

Buy YouTube Views Only From The Legitimate Sources

Make a quick search on Google and you will come across lots of different sources where you can buy YouTube views cheap. You may get the numbers to rise with these so-called “legit” sources, but you’ll never get quality views and the people who would land on your videos might not even be interested in your stuff in the first place. So, they will bounce off and never come back.

In such a scenario, you actually buy real YouTube views but the watch time doesn’t increase rapidly and the engagement is very low at the same time. That’s not just a big red flag to Google, but also destroys your channel’s reputation. Besides, Google always tries to spot fake views and subscribers that are obtained through illegitimate sources. As soon as something fishy is detected, get ready to face the Google’s wrath.

So, in order to avoid all those ugly consequences, it is important that you must buy views for your YouTube channel and videos only from legit sources. There are a couple of legitimate options that you must try, and here we have listed these for you.

Buy YouTube Views Directly From Google

You must be thinking right now can you buy YouTube views from Google? Yes, you read that right! You can actually buy from Google. In fact, it’s probably the most effective option you have got when it comes to buying views for your YouTube videos. But wait! There’s a catch!

What it actually means is that you can run your own Google AdWords campaigns to promote your videos through different kinds of ads. It’s the best way to get highly targeted audience for your videos and not only increase your YouTube views but also achieve your desired monetary goals.

There are basically two types of ads that you can take advantage of here:

    • In-stream ads: These ads appear before, in, or after the YouTube videos.
    • In-display ads: These ads appear in the YouTube SERPs or in related videos sections.

Get More YouTube Views Through Facebook

Facebook advertising is also a great way to buy yourself some legitimate YouTube subscribers and views. For instance, you can create your YouTube videos, embed them in your blog posts on your website, and then spend a few bucks on its Facebook promotion. And, with Facebook being the most dominant social network, you’ll be able to extend your videos’ reach to a greater audience pool. More importantly, your videos will be reaching to a highly targeted group of people who’d already be looking for your content. Eventually, you’ll increase your YouTube views and also the watch time.

Find Out The Best Site To Buy YouTube Views

real-viewsEven though the only legitimate ways to buy your YouTube views seem to be the ones listed above, there are some good websites where you can even buy YouTube views for $1 only. Yes, such options do exist and you can expect them to deliver some quality views too. Here we have listed the top 5 of them.


DEVUMI is by far the best site to buy YouTube views as it offers great value for every penny you spend. The packages on Devumi also have ‘Likes’ included in them and, therefore, you won’t have to worry about engagement at all. With 100% money back guarantee and quickest turnaround time, you’re surely in for some valuable YouTube views.


A close runner-up to Devumi, Buy Views is also a great source to buy views for your YouTube videos. Here you can experience a variety of social promotion options and packages. They advertise an impressive 60-90% retention rate and 100% money back guarantee as well. But they lag behind on turnaround time.

Marketing Heaven

With Marketing Heaven, buying YouTube views has been simplified more than ever. This is probably the best site to buy YouTube views as you can give your video’s link in the designated space on the site’s homepage and just specify how many views you’d like to buy. Remember, however, that here things are a little on the expensive side. Plus, you don’t get any retention guarantees either.


500Views allows you to buy everything including YouTube views, comments, likes, and subscribers. You can use their add-on to easily buy what you need. But here you might have to compromise on quality and engagement.

Social Shop

Last on our list is Social Shop which offers lots of amazing packages. Their micro package is the least you could buy in which you get 1000 YouTube views only for $2. The maximum you can spend here is $999 for buying 1,000,000 YouTube views. You might face some engagement issues with Social Shop though. Also, here you can’t buy YouTube Views for $1.

Benefits Of Buying YouTube Views

So, why do YouTube views matter so much and what’s the advantage you’re going to get should you opt to buy views for your YouTube videos? Well, here are a few things that might drive your decision.

You Look More Popular With More Views

Making your YouTube channel a success is more of an uphill task. It’s quite likely that you’re doing everything right – producing quality content, posting videos frequently, using proper titles, tags, descriptions, and thumbnails, etc. – but your audience might be deviating to other more popular videos with a greater view count.

So, when you have more views on your videos, your potential target audience gets a feeling as if you’re offering something special. It will compel them to, at least, click on your videos once.

You Build An Organic Following

According to the Bandwagon Effect, if someone is not subscribing your channel because of not enough subscribers or video likes, it is quite likely that they will engage when you have a greater following.

So, when you buy real YouTube views through all those legitimate sources, it will make your YouTube channel appear more influential and likable. It will be social proof to all your potential followers that your videos are worth watching.

Believe it or not, your paid views will soon result in an organic following. And, with more subscribers, the views tally on your YouTube videos is further going to inflate.

You Start Targeting The Right Audience

Every minute, there is three hundred hours worth of videos uploaded on YouTube across a variety of topics. Whenever you post something to YouTube, you’re posting it for a specific group of people. But do you have any plan to effectively reach them? Well, your best shot would be to buy YouTube views cheap and get your video to your targeted audience.

Using Facebook promotion or Google ad words allows you to run highly-targeted ad campaigns and you can really produce great results. You can target the audience by their demographics, location, etc.

The organic viewership is definitely going to increase over time and they’ll be sharing your YouTube videos without you having to ask anybody or pay anyone. Now, that’s an important networking strategy and it lets you step ahead towards authentic viewership.

You Get Better Ranking

views-on-youtubeYouTube’s algorithm considers word count as an important factor when ranking your videos for your chosen keywords. So, when you buy views on YouTube, it can lead to better rankings and improved credibility for your YouTube videos.

Ranking higher in YouTube search is really important. Obviously, nobody even cares about giving a look at YouTube videos on the second page of search results. So, you just can’t risk it and improving your videos’ ranking is a must. When your videos are ranked higher, they get greater exposure and you can expect to reap greater benefits.

So, with all these great benefits and a variety of options available to buy legit YouTube views, you must be looking forward to it. If you have made up your mind to buy 5000 YouTube views UK, make sure that you spend your money to buy real YouTube views from all the legitimate sources available today. So, just buy YouTube views for $1 and enjoy.